Attending Mint Con 17 from Out of Town, Here is What You Need to Know!

So you made the investment to attend Mint Con 17 or need a little push, we got you! We are less than 20 days away from this historical event and if you are coming from out of town and haven't secured your lodging, this is for you!

Below are a list of possible accommodations for you to secure for the big event! We are a big proponent of Airbnb so we threw in some listings as well and if you've never booked with them before we provided an awesome coupon to use too!


Since we don't have a large number of attendees coming from out of town, we didn't secure a block of rooms, however, you can still find availability at the lovely accommodations near the conference.

Omni Shoreham Hotel: Nightly Rate $89 

Marriott Marquis Washington: Nightly Rate $169

Fairfield Inn & Suites: Nightly Rate $124 

Mayflower Hotel: Nightly Rate $149

Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel: Nightly Rate $131 - $189


We've been using Airbnb for 6 years now including for every Portfolio Building Experience we've held, they've been our go to so we can definitely vouch for their unique lodging.

Stylist Bedroom & Luxury Bathroom: Nightly Rate $79

Christel's DC Guest House: Nightly Rate $75

Huge Room w/Balcony: Nightly Rate $75

Sun-drenched Penthouse Private Suite: Nightly Rate $82

A Tranquil Oasis: Nightly Rate $94

Cozy Modern 1BD: Nightly Rate $50

Private Floor w/Entry: Nightly Rate: $98 

Use Code: to get $20 off!

With the conference less than 20 days, now is the time to make the decision to be apart of History! Ticket sales will be ending soon so don't wait! Visit for more information! 

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How Does Mint Con 17 Compare To Other Conferences in the Industry?

There are plenty of conferences for photographers and videographers in the industry, some boutique in nature and others that have an expo feel and will host thousands of eager creatives. In fact, we did a search and found that there are over 40+ conferences and expos for those in the field to improve on their craft and business.

Then there is Mint Con 17, the first of its kind and geared to infuse diversity and inclusion in the photography industry which we all know is lacking it. It's more than meets the eye, it's a celebration of culture, community, collaboration, empowering an underrepresented demographic and so much more.  It's the first time a conference like this exist, can you believe that!  With the numerous conferences that span throughout the year, we're going to hone in on a few.

WPPI is the largest annual expo for professional wedding & portrait photographers, drawing 10,000+ attendees annually. The week-long event featuring educational seminars, a trade show, and networking events is held in Las Vegas every year. 

Imaging USA is hosted by Professional Photographers of America, it's the largest expo and conference for professional photographers. This year it will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Reset Conference helps professional creatives find balance in life while still pursuing a career in the professional visual and creative community.

Showit United is a chance to rejuvenate yourself and your business. It's a four day conference being held in Arizona.

We could go on and on about the plethora of conferences and expos available to creatives and although these events are amazing and every bit worth the investment, there is an underlining message here, that representation for creatives of color is lacking which is why Mint Con 17 is necessary. This is the event our community has been waiting for and is sure to make a major impact in the lives of those who attend and the photography industry as a whole!

We are just 20 days away from history, will you be there to share in this monumental moment for our community? Register today to attend the full conference or get a one day pass!


Who is Mint Conference 2017 For?!

We've been talking about Mint Conference 2017 for the last few months, announcing Speakers, Panelists, The Exhibition, posting videos, flyers and everything to do with our very first National Conference, but we have failed to dive deeper and enlighten our community on who MINT is actually for! First off to be able to host a Conference for the Brown Girls & Guys With a Camera community is a feat in itself because it's the first of its kind! 

We've hosted over 25+ events domestic and abroad, from workshops to experiences and exhibitions, proving to celebrate, connect and empower the community. Mint Con is next level! Mint Con will blow our previous events out of the water, why, because it combines everything that we are known for into a dope 2 day event just for you! 

Mint Con 17 is for the newbie photographer and videographer who wants to start taking their hobby seriously. You've invested in a camera, great lenses, started an Instagram page and put up a website, now what? Now you learn how to make your website work for you, how to brand yourself correctly and market to your ideal client and once you have them maintain that client relationship. If you're really serious about your craft, then you must invest in it. 

Mint Con 17 is also for the more seasoned photographer and videographer who have a stable business but may be feeling stagnant and not sure how to expand into new markets and cities, build an effective team they can continuously work with or strive to collaborate with influencers and celebrities for more exposure and the opportunity to work with bigger brands.

We understand that our community is diverse and we wanted to be able to offer an amazing opportunity for the majority of the demographic and everything that will be taught is real life and transferrable knowledge that is practical for your business. We are in the market of uplifting our community and it starts with you!

Mint Conference is a 2 day event taking place in Washington, D.C. from September 15-16, 2017! Register for the entire conference or purchase a 1 day pass, don't forget the real turn up is The Exhibition, where we will be highlighting 11 creatives, celebrating art, diversity and our culture! 

The Portrait & Posing Workbook: Now on SALE!!!

Great source of information for photographers of all experience levels. Would def recommend! -Zeni Media Group

The Portrait & Posing Workbook was created to assist the photographers who attended The Portfolio Building Experiences. In addition to the hands on experience of the shoot itself, we wanted to include another educational component that the photographers could review before the big day so that they could bring that knowledge with them on set.

After having finished our 3rd Portfolio Building Experience of 2017 in Los Angeles, we realized that this workbook would be equally beneficial to the community as a whole, especially since we are only hitting 10 cities this year, it would still provide an opportunity for those who can not attend the experience to gain valuable knowledge and truly master the art of taking portraits and posing clients in order to get the perfect portrait every time!

The Workbook is over 70 pages worth of valuable information and broken down into 4 sections; Portraits, Posing, Shooting and Equipment, we wanted to make sure we covered all of our bases to better assist you in capturing the perfect portrait! This is truly a comprehensive workbook where you'll expand your knowledge about portrait photography, finding the right light, shooting in studio, building rapport with your models, rule of thirds, cropping, how to build a dream team and SO MUCH MORE!

If you're new to photography or transitioning into shooting portraits then this is the perfect tool for you! This workbook will definitely come in handy along your journey of mastering portrait photography!

The Workbook is on Sale for JUST $24.99, regularly $39.99 Limited time only! 
Get your E-Book TODAY!

A Letter from the Founder

"Putting yourself in the forefront of your business isn't always easy. As creatives and artists we tend to stay comfortable behind the scenes creating, collaborating, researching and planning. We feel it's where we belong, it's safe and secure. For a while I felt nervous about putting myself in front of the community, fearful of what everyone thought, scared to have eyes on me, nervous to make a mistake as the world watched on. It's nerve wrecking! 

#BGWAC will turn 3 this summer and I feel like I'm finally starting to come out of my shell. I'm getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Most people don't know that I'm an introvert, which makes entrepreneurship tough. Although, during #BGWAC events I'm lively, outgoing and personable, every other day I'm cool being at home and having my quite time, whether it's editing pictures, quality time with my son or simply relaxing. 

I vowed this year I would push myself to get from behind the scenes, be more transparent, share my hardships, highs and lows and lessons in hopes that it may inspire someone else. •
Being front and center is never easy, but I urge you to do it! Take the lead in your business, put yourself out there, share your stories along with your processes and work! Don't be afraid of receiving feedback or constructive criticism, it will help you grow. Seek to become better then you were yesterday! Your audience wants to know the real you, so give it to them! •

Thank you for growing with us over these last 3 years, your support, encouragement and backing is truly appreciated. The #BGWAC community is one of a kind, your success is our success 

XO - Ruby

The Recap: Los Angeles Portfolio Building Experience

The third stop on The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour took us to Southern California! It was our 2nd time visiting Los Angeles and we went from a beach side cove in 2016 to a swanky roof top with views overlooking the entire city and beyond. The Airbnb where we stayed for the weekend was quite impressive with ceiling to floor windows in both the living room and bedroom, definitely not a bad way to prepare for an editorial photo shoot.

As our creative team arrived at the location we could tell it was going to be an amazing day because they had all worked together before and if they hadn't they definitely ran in the same circles! Our Stylist, Nick laid out his wardrobe as our model, Lexus was getting prepped by make-up artist Chante and hair stylist Candi.  The weather in L.A. that day was mild and sunny, a perfect combo to shoot on the roof top!

The theme for the shoot was high-fashion street wear and Nick hit the nail on the head and completely understood the direction we wanted to go in. We love switching up the themes with each city we go to so as to always bring a unique and exciting perspective so no one can ever get tired of the same thing! We are truly blessed to get to work with such talented and professional creatives to help us bring the vision together so when the photographers walk on set, they are immediately impressed and excited to network, share and shoot!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I had an amazing time and I really look forward to working with you again. Hope you had a fun trip and I can't wait to see all of the photos.  -Lexus
It was a pleasure meeting and working with you, looking forward to next time! -Candi

The energy on set was lively and we are truly grateful to Yolanda, Tyeal and Ericia who came all the way from Virginia for joining us and investing in The L.A. Portfolio Building Experience! There was a true sense of community, as we all helped the other get the perfect portrait! To be able to come together, build and relate with other women of color photographers and videographers is incredible and we are so humbled that we can continue to facilitate that in major cities around the world! NYC is next on the Tour and we are truly looking forward to a 3rd experience in the big apple! 

The Recap: D.C. & New Orleans Portfolio Building Experiences

The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour is well underway after having wrapped up shoots in D.C. and NOLA, the score is in, it's THE BEST TOUR YET! After having hosted these experiences for almost three years now we think we've figured it out, there is truly a science to organizing and curating professionally styled themed shoots for the BGWAC community that will help build impressive portfolios, unite creatives in one space to learn, grow and network. We are humbled and honored of the feedback that we've received thus far and after viewing the images that have come from these shoots we know it's working! We truly appreciate the creative teams in D.C. and New Orleans for making the shoots such a success and for those photographers and videographers for investing in The 2017 Tour, your success is our success.

Washington, D.C.

The first city on the tour was the District of Columbia, it's our home base and a place where we know the community is plentiful and truly wanted to start the tour off with a bang. The location was at a studio, which is a first, the intent was to continue to bring different elements to each experience that would stretch our community while giving them tools to enhance their portfolios. We locked in a lovely studio space called Studiowerks DC near capitol hill, it provided an open floor plan that was perfect for staging, networking and shooting. 

The Creative Team

Make-up Artists: Cyndi O and Samiya Aziz

Models: Letrice Philmore, Malena Khan and Sabrina 

Wardrobe Stylist: Tori B

Model Agency: Regal Model Management 

 I just wanted to say thank you again for considering me for your creative team and for the great experience. I really enjoyed myself and being able to network with some of the talented guest you had. Glad to have been able to support!! -Cyndi O

The Dining Experience

To make this tour even more epic we decided to not only include an educational component by providing a workbook to the participants but we also brought in an event planner/designer and chef! In the past after every shoot a group of us would find a local restaurant to continue the conversation and networking over delicious food! Although the conversations were always amazing, it was a headache trying to find somewhere to eat, getting a table and being served. That's when we came up with the 'Dining Experience', instead of going out we wanted to bring the food to us! We worked with a super talented chef and event designer to bring the vision to life and it superseded our expectations! The amazing group of ladies who purchased the dining option shared their journey in photography, goals, hopes and dreams and we all connected on an intimate level over the delicious courses served up by Chef Spyce!

The Team

Chef Spyce

Event Designer: Lenee Valentine  

New Orleans

It was our first time hosting an experience in New Orleans and the second city on the tour and for it to be Mardi Gras weekend simultaneous really made for an exciting time! We rented a beautiful Airbnb as we usually do and it had a spectacular roof top pool with views of the skyline, coupled with warm weather and we were gearing up to have another epic experience! Our creative team did an amazing job and we were grateful to have them!

The Team

Make-up Artists: Amanda Lee and Zariane Nunez  

Model: Jaydelyn Creyes

Agency: KAM Agency 

Wardrobe Stylist: L'Jai Amor    

Hair Stylist: Morgan Taylor  

Photographer: Ruby Melton


You did such such an excellent job organizing this.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  I will share this experience with other BGWAC in my area and hopefully I will see you again. -Ingrid Williams

See why we say it's THE BEST TOUR yet! With all of the new additions, new cities and increased epicness The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour is going to blow the others out of the water and we have 8 more to go! If you're interested in being a part of the tour as we visit 8 other cities in 2017 view the schedule below and register! As you can see it's something you don't want to miss out on and slots are going fast so don't wait!

P.s. This is the LAST YEAR for The Experiences as we will be transitioning into something better soon so get in while you still can! NEXT UP...

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Dallas, Texas

Chicago, IL

Toronto, Canada

Charleston, SC

Atlanta, GA

Miami, FL

Registration is now OPEN for The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour

We are ending 2016 with so much gratitude, it has truly been an amazing year for the #BGWAC community individually and as a collective! The 2016 Tour was a dream come true, we connected with so many incredibly talented artist that we couldn't wait to do it again! We are excited and grateful to expand, bringing this amazing opportunity to other artist and creatives in other cities and a new country.

After receiving your feedback we have amplified what worked in our past meetups, taken out what didn't and used them to curate a true one of a kind Portfolio Building EXPERIENCE going into next year for everyone involved. 

What to Expect?

  • Styled Shoots

  • Breathe-taking locations

  • Professional Models, Make-up Artist & Stylist

  • Epic Memories

  • Tangible Results

  • Access to the BGWAC Society (Private FB Group)

  • The Portrait & Posing WORKBOOK


We even added an in depth WORKBOOK to the mix that will expound on how to capture the perfect portrait that you can refer back to over and over again!


Shoot & Dine

To make it even more EPIC, we are adding a dine in option for those who would like to continue the conversation over an intimate and catered dining experience. You'll have the opportunity to ask the Founder questions, network and enjoy an amazing meal from a local caterer. This you DON'T want to miss!

We have taken your request into account and have announced our 2016 Meetup Cities! 

We have also opened up this meetup to Videographers too, why should the Photographers have all the fun!  Space IS limited and will go fast!