BGWAC Portfolio-Building Meetup Hits the Road!

Recently, we've made a huge effort to host more meetups that would be beneficial to the #BGWAC community, thus the portfolio building meetup was born! It was an idea to help photographers add to their portfolios, so they can show more of what they want to shoot! After receiving a lot of great feedback from the first portfolio building meetup held in Washington, DC this past May, we've decided to open up even more opportunities for others in nearby states.

The first stop is Greenville, South Carolina! Several photographers from the community reached out to #BGWAC from the area requesting that one is held in their neck of the woods! Thank you Latoya and Sierra for reaching out, this is the exact sort of resource we want to provide to the community, so it was perfect! The meetup will be held Saturday, August 15, 2015. Please refer here for more details.

The next stop after South Carolina is New York City! We are headed back to the big apple for the second stop of the meetup tour on Saturday, August 29th. We will be in Brooklyn and the location is fantastic! Thank you Nicole for all of your help in planning this meetup! Please refer here for details.

There are only 12 spots available for each meetup and there is a fee of $15 per person. We want to make sure the experience as authentic, safe for learning and intimate as possible. You don't want to wait to secure your spot!

If you would like #BGWAC to host a meetup in your city, shoot us an email at title 'Host Meetup, YOUR CITY'.