The Recap: D.C. & New Orleans Portfolio Building Experiences

The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour is well underway after having wrapped up shoots in D.C. and NOLA, the score is in, it's THE BEST TOUR YET! After having hosted these experiences for almost three years now we think we've figured it out, there is truly a science to organizing and curating professionally styled themed shoots for the BGWAC community that will help build impressive portfolios, unite creatives in one space to learn, grow and network. We are humbled and honored of the feedback that we've received thus far and after viewing the images that have come from these shoots we know it's working! We truly appreciate the creative teams in D.C. and New Orleans for making the shoots such a success and for those photographers and videographers for investing in The 2017 Tour, your success is our success.

Washington, D.C.

The first city on the tour was the District of Columbia, it's our home base and a place where we know the community is plentiful and truly wanted to start the tour off with a bang. The location was at a studio, which is a first, the intent was to continue to bring different elements to each experience that would stretch our community while giving them tools to enhance their portfolios. We locked in a lovely studio space called Studiowerks DC near capitol hill, it provided an open floor plan that was perfect for staging, networking and shooting. 

The Creative Team

Make-up Artists: Cyndi O and Samiya Aziz

Models: Letrice Philmore, Malena Khan and Sabrina 

Wardrobe Stylist: Tori B

Model Agency: Regal Model Management 

 I just wanted to say thank you again for considering me for your creative team and for the great experience. I really enjoyed myself and being able to network with some of the talented guest you had. Glad to have been able to support!! -Cyndi O

The Dining Experience

To make this tour even more epic we decided to not only include an educational component by providing a workbook to the participants but we also brought in an event planner/designer and chef! In the past after every shoot a group of us would find a local restaurant to continue the conversation and networking over delicious food! Although the conversations were always amazing, it was a headache trying to find somewhere to eat, getting a table and being served. That's when we came up with the 'Dining Experience', instead of going out we wanted to bring the food to us! We worked with a super talented chef and event designer to bring the vision to life and it superseded our expectations! The amazing group of ladies who purchased the dining option shared their journey in photography, goals, hopes and dreams and we all connected on an intimate level over the delicious courses served up by Chef Spyce!

The Team

Chef Spyce

Event Designer: Lenee Valentine  

New Orleans

It was our first time hosting an experience in New Orleans and the second city on the tour and for it to be Mardi Gras weekend simultaneous really made for an exciting time! We rented a beautiful Airbnb as we usually do and it had a spectacular roof top pool with views of the skyline, coupled with warm weather and we were gearing up to have another epic experience! Our creative team did an amazing job and we were grateful to have them!

The Team

Make-up Artists: Amanda Lee and Zariane Nunez  

Model: Jaydelyn Creyes

Agency: KAM Agency 

Wardrobe Stylist: L'Jai Amor    

Hair Stylist: Morgan Taylor  

Photographer: Ruby Melton


You did such such an excellent job organizing this.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  I will share this experience with other BGWAC in my area and hopefully I will see you again. -Ingrid Williams

See why we say it's THE BEST TOUR yet! With all of the new additions, new cities and increased epicness The 2017 Portfolio Building Experience Tour is going to blow the others out of the water and we have 8 more to go! If you're interested in being a part of the tour as we visit 8 other cities in 2017 view the schedule below and register! As you can see it's something you don't want to miss out on and slots are going fast so don't wait!

P.s. This is the LAST YEAR for The Experiences as we will be transitioning into something better soon so get in while you still can! NEXT UP...

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Toronto, Canada

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