A Letter from the Founder

"Putting yourself in the forefront of your business isn't always easy. As creatives and artists we tend to stay comfortable behind the scenes creating, collaborating, researching and planning. We feel it's where we belong, it's safe and secure. For a while I felt nervous about putting myself in front of the community, fearful of what everyone thought, scared to have eyes on me, nervous to make a mistake as the world watched on. It's nerve wrecking! 

#BGWAC will turn 3 this summer and I feel like I'm finally starting to come out of my shell. I'm getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Most people don't know that I'm an introvert, which makes entrepreneurship tough. Although, during #BGWAC events I'm lively, outgoing and personable, every other day I'm cool being at home and having my quite time, whether it's editing pictures, quality time with my son or simply relaxing. 

I vowed this year I would push myself to get from behind the scenes, be more transparent, share my hardships, highs and lows and lessons in hopes that it may inspire someone else. •
Being front and center is never easy, but I urge you to do it! Take the lead in your business, put yourself out there, share your stories along with your processes and work! Don't be afraid of receiving feedback or constructive criticism, it will help you grow. Seek to become better then you were yesterday! Your audience wants to know the real you, so give it to them! •

Thank you for growing with us over these last 3 years, your support, encouragement and backing is truly appreciated. The #BGWAC community is one of a kind, your success is our success 

XO - Ruby