Who is Mint Conference 2017 For?!

We've been talking about Mint Conference 2017 for the last few months, announcing Speakers, Panelists, The Exhibition, posting videos, flyers and everything to do with our very first National Conference, but we have failed to dive deeper and enlighten our community on who MINT is actually for! First off to be able to host a Conference for the Brown Girls & Guys With a Camera community is a feat in itself because it's the first of its kind! 

We've hosted over 25+ events domestic and abroad, from workshops to experiences and exhibitions, proving to celebrate, connect and empower the community. Mint Con is next level! Mint Con will blow our previous events out of the water, why, because it combines everything that we are known for into a dope 2 day event just for you! 

Mint Con 17 is for the newbie photographer and videographer who wants to start taking their hobby seriously. You've invested in a camera, great lenses, started an Instagram page and put up a website, now what? Now you learn how to make your website work for you, how to brand yourself correctly and market to your ideal client and once you have them maintain that client relationship. If you're really serious about your craft, then you must invest in it. 

Mint Con 17 is also for the more seasoned photographer and videographer who have a stable business but may be feeling stagnant and not sure how to expand into new markets and cities, build an effective team they can continuously work with or strive to collaborate with influencers and celebrities for more exposure and the opportunity to work with bigger brands.

We understand that our community is diverse and we wanted to be able to offer an amazing opportunity for the majority of the demographic and everything that will be taught is real life and transferrable knowledge that is practical for your business. We are in the market of uplifting our community and it starts with you!

Mint Conference is a 2 day event taking place in Washington, D.C. from September 15-16, 2017! Register for the entire conference or purchase a 1 day pass, don't forget the real turn up is The Exhibition, where we will be highlighting 11 creatives, celebrating art, diversity and our culture!