How Does Mint Con 17 Compare To Other Conferences in the Industry?

There are plenty of conferences for photographers and videographers in the industry, some boutique in nature and others that have an expo feel and will host thousands of eager creatives. In fact, we did a search and found that there are over 40+ conferences and expos for those in the field to improve on their craft and business.

Then there is Mint Con 17, the first of its kind and geared to infuse diversity and inclusion in the photography industry which we all know is lacking it. It's more than meets the eye, it's a celebration of culture, community, collaboration, empowering an underrepresented demographic and so much more.  It's the first time a conference like this exist, can you believe that!  With the numerous conferences that span throughout the year, we're going to hone in on a few.

WPPI is the largest annual expo for professional wedding & portrait photographers, drawing 10,000+ attendees annually. The week-long event featuring educational seminars, a trade show, and networking events is held in Las Vegas every year. 

Imaging USA is hosted by Professional Photographers of America, it's the largest expo and conference for professional photographers. This year it will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Reset Conference helps professional creatives find balance in life while still pursuing a career in the professional visual and creative community.

Showit United is a chance to rejuvenate yourself and your business. It's a four day conference being held in Arizona.

We could go on and on about the plethora of conferences and expos available to creatives and although these events are amazing and every bit worth the investment, there is an underlining message here, that representation for creatives of color is lacking which is why Mint Con 17 is necessary. This is the event our community has been waiting for and is sure to make a major impact in the lives of those who attend and the photography industry as a whole!

We are just 20 days away from history, will you be there to share in this monumental moment for our community? Register today to attend the full conference or get a one day pass!